Adult Day Activity Program & Training (ADAPT)

The ADAPT program at TradeWinds offers adults 18 and older a wide range of activities, outings and parties while providing the opportunity to socialize with others in a safe, monitored, caring and supportive environment weekdays from 7am-3:30pm.

Certified in First Aid, CPR and Crisis Intervention, staff members provide assistance with feeding, personal care, hygiene and behavioral support based on the individualized plans in place for each participant. In addition, case managers are assigned and onsite for any additional support needed by either the individual or family.

Prospective participants must be diagnosed with a developmental disability by a medical professional and determined eligible for support services by the state Bureau of Developmental and Disability Services (BDDS).

There are currently four ADAPT rooms at TradeWinds.

• ADAPT 1 participants have the greatest needs for additional physical assistance from staff.

• ADAPT 2 and 3 participants require less physical assistance and generally receive more behavioral support.

• Added most recently, ADAPT 4 is reserved for seniors who prefer a calmer atmosphere and slower pace during the day.

For more details on eligibility and how to get started, please call Admissions at 219.945.0100.