Electronics Recycling



Are you hanging on to outdated technology? We can help.

Let us recycle your old technology securely, safely & responsibly!


As a registered Collector and Recycler for the Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s Indiana E-Cycle program since October 2013, TradeWinds Electronics Recycling program has collected and recycled over 6,800 computers and associated items totaling 142,000 pounds of e-waste while employing more than a dozen workers with disabilities to get the job done.

Based on the success of our secure computer destruction and recycling service, TradeWinds now has the capability to handle more e-waste, ensuring compliance with government regulations, industry standards and corporate policies while creating more jobs for people with disabilities.

As a new partner with CyclePoint™ from SourceAmerica®, the nation’s fastest growing electronic recycling network, TradeWinds now recycles the following obsolete and discarded electronic items prohibited from Indiana landfills:

We now recycle these items:

• Cellphones/smartphones

• Computers and peripherals (i.e. cords, keyboards, mice)

• DVD players (including gaming systems)

• Household appliances (small)

• Laptops  /  Laptop Batteries  /  Tablets

• Miscellaneous electronics — cameras, digital photo frames, e-readers, GPS navigation systems, iPods, MP3 players and portable games (We do not accept smoke or carbon monoxide detectors)

• Miscellaneous office equipment (i.e. copy machines*, fax machines* and telephone systems)

• Monitors*

• Printers*

• Servers, routers, hubs, cable boxes

• Stereo and audio components

• Televisions*

• VCRs

• Video cameras

*Recycling Fees: Apply to some items. TV’s/CRT Monitors – up to 30” – $15; 31”-45” – $30; 46” & up – $50. Console TV’s – $75; Copy Machines – $75; Printers – $25; Fax Machines – $25; Microwaves – $10.

Items We Do Not Accept: Projection TVs, Household Batteries, Smoke Detectors or Carbon Dioxide Detectors.


In Indiana, it’s the law! In effect since January 2011, the state of Indiana prohibits all computers and other electronics from being discarded in landfills by businesses, homeowners and public schools. The goal of this mandate is to promote reuse, remanufacturing and recycling.

TradeWinds is the solution. For businesses, homeowners, public schools and other government entities getting rid of old tech can raise a number of concerns: from data security and regulatory compliance to environmental responsibility and cost effectiveness. Consider being an environmental leader by hosting an e-recycling event at your business for your customers, employees, or surrounding community.

Convenient drop off and pick up options – just show up or give us a call, Monday – Friday, 7:30am – 3:30pm, (219) 945-0100 – 3201 East 83rd Place, Merrillville, IN.

Pick Up Service available for businesses with 10 or more electronic items. Pick Up Fee is $20 within 30 miles and $5 for each additional 10 miles.


We are interested in Community Recycle Events.


Electronic Recycling at TradeWinds offers:


Bring your items to us and save the transportation fee – we’re open Monday thru Friday, 7:30am to 3:30pm. Fees apply to the listed items whether dropped off or picked up by TradeWinds. (quantity discounts available).


Schedule a convenient time, then our crew will load and transport your items in our truck. *Transportation fee starts at $20 for up to 30 miles, plus $5 per each additional 10 miles (government discount available).


We follow the strictest and most secure processes for transportation, destruction and certification. This guarantees an unbroken chain of custody for devices that could contain sensitive data. There is no charge for secure data destruction. *Upon request for a “Certificate of Secure Hard Drive Destruction,” a fee of $5 will be charged for all computers donated at one time.


Secure destruction of hard drives prior to transport is available upon request.


TradeWinds will thoroughly test every device other than computers to determine if it meets strict standards for reuse. When reuse value is determined, TradeWinds will repurpose the item.