Small Parts Packaging & Assembly


Companies have been outsourcing Packaging and Assembly work at TradeWinds since the late 1970s. Individuals have the opportunity to work on a variety of jobs, learn new skills and earn a paycheck. For example:

  • Since September 2015, sorting soap is a job that everybody can do regardless of ability. The cellophane wrappers and cardboard cartons are recycled by TradeWinds for zero waste.
  • Since August 2015, assembling individual plastic injection molded pieces into sets of 12 x 3 rows in preparation for silk screening and rubber stamps is excellent for dexterity. Sold in retail stores and online, including WalMart, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and, these finished products are popular with crafters.
  • Counting and sorting shelf clips for this cabinet making company allows them to focus on their craft and seamlessly include these necessary items with each piece they produce. New boxes of bulk clips arrive at TradeWinds as needed, and workers look forward to filling individual bags with ten pieces.
  •  TradeWinds’ most skilled workers are currently assembling packages of specific nut and bolt combinations based on the precise specifications of the manufacturer using a table specially-designed and provided for the job.






To whom it may concern:

We have been doing business with Tradewinds since November 2015, and it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with the staff.

When I went to the facility for a visit, the production team was very impressive. After touring the different areas, and seeing the work their staff provide, I was humbled. It seems and they have such a large variety of skills to offer anyone looking to utilize their services.

From the managers, to the office personnel, to the shop employees – all have been fantastic to work with. I wish I had more work to give them!

Jeanna Keller

Manager Corporate Services